Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Care package shipping 04/29/09!

I'm excited to mail out this care package tomorrow! It is going to a soldier in the Army who is in Afghanistan right now. He said his troop requests candy (all kinds), books, stationary (pens, paper, envelopes), deodorant, shower gel among the list of items.

In this care package I'm mailing him the following items for him & his troop (not all is pictured) and I'm listing the prices I paid for these items thanks to COUPONS!

Lots of fruit snacks (removed from boxes to make room for other items but is still individually packaged) - 50¢ ea

Fun dip candy stix $2.99/box
Ramen 15¢ ea
Sweet Tart Jelly Beans 50¢
Yogurt-type fruit bites 50¢
Caramel Quakes snacks 32¢
Mint candies 21¢
Deodorants Free to 50¢ ea
Axe Shower gels FREE
2 Mary Higgins Clarks books (had them)
2 pads of paper (had them)
1 box of pens (FREE through Staples)
Stack of envelopes (had them)
2 packages of Huggies wipes (46¢ ea)

This box weighs 11 lbs but will only cost $11.95 because it's a flat rate box and it costs the same no matter where you ship to!

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