Monday, June 15, 2009

Rec'd another email from a soldier!

I have received another email from a soldier that I sent a care package to last week! This just made my entire day, knowing I put a smile on a few soldier's faces who are overseas fighting for our country!

Good evening, Im SGT XXXX XXXXXX, I was born and raised in washinton state, live in the Seattle area. This is my third deployment to iraq and the frist one being a Combat Advisor for the Iraq Army. Unlike previous deployment I did volunteer for this one. I heard of it and knew right away in my heart that it was the right thing to do, that it is history in the making.

I would like to share with you a quick conversation I was having with one of our Iraqi interpitors (being that we dont speak arabic well at all, they work with us to combat that language barrier). Im sick of this Milan says. Of what? I ask but already knowing the answer. War, we lost a lot of family and friends in such alittle time he continues. We both have, but its for a better future, right I say. I hope so he finishes. That I hope so I would like to think we are all over here.

I want to say thank you bottom of my heart from my team and I. The package we received today was very generous and was deburst out as needed. Which put a smile on everyones face! The care package couldnt of came at a better time, besides work there isnt much to do, so opening them up took our minds off of everything for a breif minute.

Even though I cant go into detail my team is making a lot of progress here working and advising the Iraqis . They are very welcomming to us and we treat eachother with the upmost respect. Which is a must because we actually live with them and count on them to provide for our safety. So its a win V win situation.

By the way the DVDs and CDs are very much appreciated as well being that we dont have a PX like most soldiers would. The dog food and treats we be great for Woofy2. She wont know what to do with herself when we give her a treat in the morning. A project we are working on is getting basic school supplies for the iraqi kids (i.e. crayons, pencils, pens, paper). We think this would go along way with our partnership and help us succeed our mission. If you happened to have these things or know someone that does, we could find a use for them. Actually pretty much anything we could and will find a use for.

Thank you again and God Bless,


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  1. I get at least 6 papers every Sunday just for the supplements. I have expired coupons that I know military families can use. Can you hook me up with one person that would like to receive them?