Friday, September 16, 2011

How to mail coupons overseas

Wow!  So many of you are asking how to mail coupons overseas, so I'm here to explain in a little better detail!

On my wall there are several posters looking for expired coupons to be sent to them.  FEEL FREE to contact them directly and mail them your coupons.

If you are looking for another avenue to mail your coupons to, I use the Overseas Coupon Program.

It looks a little intimidating at first, but it's actually very easy!  Here are the steps:

  1. Sort your coupons into 2 categories - food and non-food.  I use Ziploc bags and write on them with a marker.
  2. Go to the Base List page and choose a base to adopt.  Print or write the info down, because you'll need to remember it for the next step.  Do not choose one that says "NO ADOPTIONS".  
  3. Go to the Adoption Form and fill out the information from the  base that you just chose to adopt.  If you aren't sure what the fields mean, they are asking you the following:
    1. Your Organization/Group's name or type "none" if there is not one.
      A short comment if you need to.  (We will not reply to these comments.)
      Your name
      The base name (not the address)
      Your street address/ PO Box
      Your city
      Your state
      Your zip
      Your area code and phone number
      Your email address
      Hit "Enter" when done - you will not get a confirmation.

  4. This is not required  - but you can fill out their Donation Form.  This just tells them how much $ in coupons you are sending to that base.  You would have to add up all your coupons for this step.  Again, this is optional.  They do add these up at the end of the year and give you credit and post how much money in coupons you mailed to a base though.
  5. Mail your coupons to the base you adopted!  You can use a free Priority envelope from the post office, or use your own package.  You will need a customs form (just ask the clerk) and just make sure you state they are manufacturer's coupons, mark them as a gift, and it's VERY important that you mark the value of the coupons $0 on the customs form.
  6. Shipping to a military base overseas costs just as much as if you were mailing your coupons here in the states.  A good sized poly mailer usually costs me around $4-$5 to mail overseas.  
Thank you so much for supporting our military! 

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