Thursday, October 13, 2011

October address to send coupons to

Everyone, I'm trying something new, since everyone keeps asking where to send their expired coupons.  I'm going to post 1 or 2 addresses per month for everyone to send their expired coupons to.  This way, we can spread the coupons out and different military families can benefit from them!

This first address was requested on my FB page:
I am currently assisting the Graf Cub Scouts program in Germany procure enough toiletry coupons and snack food coupons to support 400 Single Soldiers currently deployed. If you have any coupons you are willing to part with to help the boys out, I would truly appreciate it. We are able to use coupons 6 months after expiration. Our mailing address is: Grafenwoehr Cub Scouts, CMR 415-General Delivery, APO AE 09114. Thank you for helping our youth on their mission to support the troops. :) ~ Angelia Frankum, Cub Scout Committee Chair

So if you have coupons, please send them to THIS address!

Grafenwoehr Cub Scouts
CMR 415-General Delivery
APO AE 09114

If you send them coupons, please consider sending a note along with the coupons that you are sending them coupons using the facebook page "CouponsForTheTroops"!  

Please comment below if you are mailing coupons to this address!


  1. Thanks! I have an envelope ready to go!!

  2. Thank you, I have a bunch I can send out!

  3. I hope these coupons are helpful! Thank you for everything you do and you and your family sacrafice!

  4. Perfect! My church's Cub Scout Pack is sending a huge box full! :)

  5. I will be but not until the 1st that is when a lot of coupons run out if there is a different address I need to do then.